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Possibility of Team Tiers Challenge?

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Possibility of Team Tiers Challenge? Empty Possibility of Team Tiers Challenge?

Post by Danaussie on Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:14 am

Hi guys,

Im not exactly sure how the Teams function works yet, by the looks it is not exactly time friendly for us, I will try to get on with you guys in the next few days to find out a little more for myself. But perhaps some of you can answer these questions for me to give me a better idea of if a Teams Tiers Challenge would be a viable competition we may want to start up in the future.

Question1: Is it possible to play 2 of our own Teams against each other or is this completely random?
Question2: Do you get to choose which Tier your Teams can play?


Possibility of Team Tiers Challenge? St_louis
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Possibility of Team Tiers Challenge? Empty Re: Possibility of Team Tiers Challenge?

Post by Taipan17 on Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:20 pm


Q1: Teams are matched based on the current "Team Rating". So yes, if the two teams have similar ratings, it is possible that they could get a match together. However:

[*]Within the "Team Rating" pool of available teams the match ups are random; and
[*]The MM is designed to prevent teams getting any repeat match ups

You could have a competition between teams with the winner being the team with the best "Team Rating" but it is not very practicable. At the moment we don't get enough players to field one 7 man team, so a second one may take some time coming. When a second team is up and running, it will take a fair amount of time for players to settle into the game. It is different from Co-Op and Random. This is especially so if the group is not consistent or can't field all 7 players. 

Q2: Team battles are limited to T6 and T7 ships. We field T7 as much as possible. That said, if I play CV it has to be a T6 and it is not unusual for players to use a favoured T6 ship over a T7 alternative.

Factors which are not very motivating for players are:

  1. Getting everyone together and into the first battle is a process. It can be frustrating for players ready to go;
  2. Core team members need to be together to action team changes. We need 5 members to action freeing up slots from absent players and adding available players to the team;
  3. The battle cues can be really long. We have waited more than 5 minutes on a number of occasions; and
  4. The team usually gets stopped from playing. We gave up playing on Friday because we didn't get a match after 7 minutes. We stopped playing last night because we ran out of players.



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