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Team Battles up to 10APR2016

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Team Battles up to 10APR2016 Empty Team Battles up to 10APR2016

Post by Taipan17 on Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:11 pm

My Apologies for skipping last week.

The team played two battles on Friday 1st April. We fielded a full team. Thanks to all for joining in.

We remain Echo league.

Overall, the WoWS community interest in team battles seems low as we do not get a match up in a reasonable time frame. In fact we got paired with a team in Alpha league for one battle. That said, we were playing quite late.

The team stats are:

80 Battles Played for 31 wins. 38% win rate.

Team Rating: 3552

I am hoping to have a team try again this coming Friday night. I intend to muster at 21:00 EST and ascertain if there are more teams playing when the team battles session begins. If we only play one battle, we can at least see how the concept is fairing in the wider WoWS community.



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Team Battles up to 10APR2016 Empty Re: Team Battles up to 10APR2016

Post by Danaussie on Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:48 am

You may announce upcoming Team Events in the "News" widget (located top left) so that members can be kept up to date if you wish Taipan. I'd eventually like to see Teams Games accessible at all times like choosing between Co-Op or Random Battles as a permanent option this would make it easier to play Team Battles at more sensible hours for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Looks like fun, but I'm afraid my wife would skin me alive if I was up this late every night...lol.


Team Battles up to 10APR2016 St_louis
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