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Team Battles up to 24APR2016

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Team Battles up to 24APR2016 Empty Team Battles up to 24APR2016

Post by Taipan17 on Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:27 pm

Hi All,

I haven't reported in because we have not had any opportunities to participate in team battles. It is not for want of trying on our part. It is that there are just not enough participating players in the WoWS community. Thank you to all the players who mustered up. We actually had reserves. Great job!

We have been doing regular "count in" divisions and these games are good fun. For those wishing to join, we use voice chat. The free software we utilise is "Curse". It integrates with WoWS and it is easy to set up, configure and has proven to be very stable in games.

Link: https://www.curse.com/

I will try to get a team together again this Friday Night and see if there is any more interest from the wider WoWS community.



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