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Team Battles up to 27MAR16

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Team Battles up to 27MAR16 Empty Team Battles up to 27MAR16

Post by Taipan17 on Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:49 pm

The team played battles last Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday Nights. We fielded a full team on three of these nights. Thanks to all for joining in.

We managed to get into Delta League on Wednesday and we stayed there for quite a few games. Unfortunately a bad run put us back in Echo league on Sunday.

The team stats are:

79 Battles Played for 31 wins. 39% win rate.
Ranked 716 out of ? teams.
Team Rating: 3581

It would help a lot if players could download "Curse". That would give us all team players on voice communications which will significantly increase our co-ordination and awareness of what is happening in battle.



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