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Our Fun Friendly & Welcoming Policy - IMPORTANT!

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Our Fun Friendly & Welcoming Policy - IMPORTANT! Empty Our Fun Friendly & Welcoming Policy - IMPORTANT!

Post by Danaussie on Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:07 pm

Hi guys,

Please pay express attention to this post because it concerns all of us and the general direction and spirit of Taskforce44, which is important for two reasons outlined below in our mission statement.

Article 1. Taskforce44 is to be a reputable club not some bunch of louts that have no respect for others, we wish to conduct ourselves in such a way as to build a good reputation within the WoWs community. We are here to provide an English Speaking players group for those players from the Australian and New Zealand regions. That is not to say that we are unwelcoming to other peoples of the world, and we are happy to have those peoples play games with us at times as our guests, and under no circumstances should we ever take the view that ANYBODY is unwelcome at Taskforce44. They may not qualify to be official members of Taskforce44, but we are happy to have them join our chat as guests.

Article 2. We wish to build good relations with all our members and guests, we also wish to safeguard those members and guests by creating a safe, friendly and welcoming, non-exclusive environment for everyone, a troll free environment if you will, where members and guests can feel comfortable and welcome to enjoy and share their gaming experiences together, speak openly and honestly with each other, and have their opinions and views respected even if not agreed with. In other words treat others as you wish to be treated yourself, with respect and dignity.

These two above points I wish to drive home to all of our members, all members are free to come and go as they please. They are welcome to participate or not to participate in any Taskforce44 club activities. The only thing I have ever asked of any of our members is to always conduct themselves in a friendly, respectful and welcoming manner.

Gentlemen I do not live in the dream-world that everyone will always get along, nor do I expect that there will not be disagreements, conflicts of interest, and even clashes of personality from time to time, we all come from different backgrounds and experiences, walks of life and belief structures, it is simply unrealistic to expect harmony 100% of the time. However, If people cannot learn to get along, I suggest that you simply agree to disagree and move forward so as not to bring the club in to disrepute. 

Also remember that you do not always have to make comment in the chat box, if someone is being abrasive and rude, you don't need to react to it. Someone from administration is generally watching most of the time and I suggest that all members take a more active role in defusing such situations as they arise by reminding those that are being rude to quit it, and reminding them of the two items in our above mission statement. Remember this club belongs to all of us, so how much effort is it to simply ask that all remain civil. Even the most hated naval officer still deserves a salute and "good morning sar". How hard is it to say hi?

If the rude member or guest persists then any member may make a formal complaint to either Taipan17 or myself Danaussie (privately). If needs be that member or guest will be contacted (privately) and asked to refrain or redress. If abuse persists that member may face either temporary or permanent (depending on severity) ban from the chat channel, Curse channel and club.

I ask members to keep it civil at all times, some language is fine we are not all members of the local church group afterall but please keep in mind that we are a family orientated club which means that there will often be some youngins online at the same time we are. So please try to keep that in mind. Racial slurs are at no time permissible, but those that wish to condemn Taskforce44 for making racial comments please be aware that some Australian and New Zealand slang can often sound offensive but is very much not intended to be, comments such as Jap Destroyer and Krout Battleships are not deemed to be offensive. Context is the main thing here, members calling everyone on the Asia Server a "bunch of stupid nips" will be seen as offensive and those members will be asked to refrain. Keep it civil, think of the club.

Lastly in the interest of brotherhood and creating a non-exclusive and friendly environment I will be asking that no exclusive chat channels be created on Curse. We should remain transparent and the comments made to one should be made to all. Exclusive Joe Bloggs, John Smith and Joe Citizen chat channels that are just for them to use that create groups within the group and exclude particular members will not be permitted. Its not on guys, so I will be politely asking them to take them down, please don't exclude people it gives a bad impression. If you wish to speak privately to any particular member that can be done by contacting them directly. Likewise on open chat in-game, any member may be contacted directly, exclusively and privately that way.

Open for comments as usual, additions or amendments to mission statement or policy make them here or contact me or Taipan17 on curse. 

Your servant and fellow gamer ZeemanMopping


Our Fun Friendly & Welcoming Policy - IMPORTANT! St_louis
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