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Ill be away for a few more weeks

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Ill be away for a few more weeks Empty Ill be away for a few more weeks

Post by Danaussie on Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:37 am

Hi Taskforce44,

Guys my Mother has been very sick, I wont go into any of that because its personal, but what is pertinent for you excellent people is that I will be away for a few more weeks while I travel up to Nambucca Heads to see what I can do to help my Father.

The men to speak to on anything in relation to Taskforce44 are as follows:

(if you can raise them)

(as official 2IC's with the keys to the forum)

Moganite as un-official 2IC but is perhaps one of our most dedicated and trusted members. There are many other guys that are also long standing members and that are online every day that can assist any new members to find the chat channels, TS or Curse information and of course the HQ here.

We are a pretty relaxed bunch of chaps which I am enormously grateful for so a member can come and go as they please and are not sanctioned or ridiculed for it, but it has always been important for us to stay open for any TF44 member or new member to utilise the club for online gaming....that's what we are here for and what we will remain doing.

I know I have not been around lately guys, but there have just been more important things to deal with in my life so have been unable to dedicate much time other than basic upkeep of Members Lists here at the HQ.

I should be back on or about the 30th of August depending on what is required of me. I will also try to get online between now and the time I depart in case anyone needs to speak to me about anything (probably not, but just in case you do).

Thanks guys, you are all awesome. ZeemanSalute

"Keep blowin them to hell TF44"


Ill be away for a few more weeks St_louis
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