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Favorite Ship....one good ship Empty Favorite Ship....one good ship

Post by Danaussie on Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:28 pm

Favorite Ship....one good ship USS_St_Louis
USS St Louis

One good cruiser can change the world, when I first started playing Cleveland was certainly my first favorite cruiser hands down. I played a lot of co-op games with her and just loved the way she looked and performed, but as I got more into Random games probably largely to my involvement in Taskforce44 and the guys always wanting me to play Random Battles I fell in love with the St Louis.

Just my kind of cruiser in all respects, a tough heavy cruiser with adequate fire power, its all I ever really wanted out of this game really something I could use well. Ive played well over 500 games with this ship and I have to say TierIII Random battles are above all my favorite games because of St Louis.

Favorite Ship....one good ship One_good_cruiser_1400xp

I play predominantly USN units Im a little puritan like that, even though I know many other nations units are far better (or that's what the guys here would lead me to believe). Tier 4-5 Omaha etc are just not my kind of cruiser even though I enjoy playing Marblehead from time to time. Tier 6 Cleveland is heaps of fun as well but not as fun as Tier 3 IMHO. Its about there that the USN cruisers take a giant step backward with the Pensacola which is for want of a better word....junk!

If you have some bucks Atlanta is the perfect saving grace at Tier 7 and has provided hours of fun in Co-Op but as a Random Battle cruiser she tends to get a bit of a flogging due to poor armour and handling. But still a fun ship to play. At Tier 8 comes New Orleans which is leaps and bounds ahead of the Pensacola (when upgraded), but really at this stage you are hangin out for the up gunned and up armoured Baltimore at Tier 9.

So I eventually got there, to find out how expensive she was to run and relative to everything else you have to face at Tier 9 in terms of Destroyers, CV' s and Battleships all those hard earned credits and xps really didn't do much to enhance your gaming experience whatsoever.

So why St Louis you ask? That's simple, relative to everything she faces from Tier 3-5 which are the units she faces most days she is an excellent ship that is a hardy survivor, she lays down multiple shells much in the same way the Atlanta does but has a stronger hull. Her drawbacks are her rangefinder which takes a little time to come to terms with but once you are familiar with how she fires everything falls into place. Of course she is quite slow and she does not maneuver at all well but this is not dissimilar to Atlanta either.

Favorite Ship....one good ship One_good_cruiser2

I guess the only thing that sucks about playing at this level is the new players that may be on your team that may not even know the basics of Base Capture and that kind of thing, but that's even ok if you are prepared for it. If I had the same kind of fun on other tiers in Random Battles you could rest assured Id play them more often but they are simply not as much fun for me. She grinds between 40,000 - 80,000 credits most games, and that makes her my favorite ship in terms of making good xp and credits.

So whats your favorite guys?


Favorite Ship....one good ship St_louis
USS St Louis

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