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TeamSpeak & Skype Information Empty TeamSpeak & Skype Information

Post by Danaussie on Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:53 am

Hi all Taskforce44 Members,

Thanks to Kaminari1 for providing this fabulous resource to our group, so far Kaminari1 is the only member to bring an available server for us to utilise for members wishing to use TeamSpeak please hook up to the following address: ts36.gameservers.com:9349

Kaminari has had some trouble with stability but he has been terrific at being able to sort this out, so thanks to him for all his efforts. If there are any problems in the future relating to TeamSpeak or if another member would also like to add a channel for players to utilise please feel free to do so and add your channel address in a thread below and I will add the channel to our list in this thread.

An important thing to mention about Skype and TeamSpeak that all members should take the time to consider is that not all members will have access to this facility or want to utilise this facility. As such it is important to mention that this is exactly why we have our HQ Command Centre this way all members can express their views and be included in Taskforce44 activities. It is important to stay all inclusive in our approach to all Taskforce44 Members.

Thank you


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