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    Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:51 pm
    Message by Danaussie - Conan Admin Status
    Hi Davud

    First of all I will need to be asked before someone has access to my website, so I will not allow this Conan fellow to become an Admin here he has no need to be one and I don't even know who he is. I can appreciate that he works for Wargaming.net, but that does not make him a God and he does not get to say how we run things here at this club. We are a separate entity to that of Wargaming.net and the WoWs Asia Forums, and I pray that we stay that way. I am pretty easy going about what goes on here Davud but I will draw the line at Admins making Admins if you don't mind. I have no problem with him having Moderator status however but only to the Division Competition sub-forum. I will take care of those changes after I finish with this post. Second Davud I would love to meet your boss, and I would love to check out this website you mention I will do so first thing tomorrow. It is also no problem if you are having problems with the graphics, graphics is kind of my thing so Im happy to take care of that side of things at the forum HQ. Please don't think you are in any trouble, but I would prefer that any changes to Moderators or Admins first seek my approval.

    PS: It may have been nice for Conan to speak to the founder of the club, I have not heard a word from him.

    Thank you Davud. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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    Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:45 am
    Message by davud1537 - TF44 Forum site and Partnership with Bzerk.com
    Hi Danaussie

    Firstly, the TF44 Forum i make a little sligtly changes 
    on it cause the images you posted is kind of too blur so
    I was thinking could ya sent the images to me so i could make
    It more clearer also i edited boom name and changed it as 
    you told me, Secondly i make our Conana-Sama as a admin
    since he the Comminty Manager for Wargaming. Net Asia and 
    Lastly remember i told you about the partnership with another gaming community Bzerk.com 
    Well my boss wanna speak to ya so we can make things out
    Togeather more easily so when you are free though?
    Reply at your own free time.

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    Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:52 pm
    Message by coldbeer72 - conan
    he has signed up mate.

    Signed up. Forum name is Conana-sama

    Give him same appropriate title, and a big TF44 welcome spiel
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    Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:54 pm
    Message by coldbeer72 - boom
    hey mate....admin panels are scary.......kidding.
    But Boomboom is not anywher I can find in the list, except for the one on the home screen....how do i add him?

    cheers for your assistance


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