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Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016

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Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016 Empty Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016

Post by Taipan17 on Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:34 am

Hi Players,

There is a Public Test on this weekend. Tests are fun, give opportunities to try out new aspects of WoWS and ships that you might not otherwise have. The download is a quite big however it is worth giving it a go.

Make sure you register with the same email and password as your regular WoWS account in order to claim the rewards offered for participating.

Information links are here:





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Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016 Empty Re: Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016

Post by Moganite on Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:44 pm

I found it interesting.

tried out a 15 point captain on a BB and found that youre immune to planes of the same tier or lower if you set it up right.

I liked the weather effects also the fog is fun seeing the enemy looming out of the murky gloom is so suspenseful.

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Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016 Empty Re: Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016

Post by Danaussie on Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:17 am

I didn't realise that you could upgrade a Captain with the special abilities in the tests, that is interesting Mog. I'm not sure if other guys are having the same problems I'm having with Public Tests, and that is that it almost takes 2 days for me to download the Tests Server giving me a grand total of about 6 hours to actually play it.

Internet speeds suck in general in Australia until we get NBN, but regionally it is even worse and I live no more that 3 hours away from our Capital and 3 hours away from Sydney. Our lines drop out all the time and in bad weather it drops out even more frequently, without Homezone we don't even get Mobile Phone coverage...so all together pretty bad service here.

Lag I have been able to combat to some extent using Ethernet Cable direct from Modem to PC, but it doesn't seem to help with download time especially if we are running other devices or services such as Netflix and I have teenagers that are constantly on their phones and other devices. Long story short its just not worth the time it takes me to download the Test Server for the limited time I actually get to utilise it.



Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016 St_louis
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Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016 Empty Re: Public Test - 16APR to 18APR2016

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