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Team Battles upto 13MAR16

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Team Battles upto 13MAR16 Empty Team Battles upto 13MAR16

Post by Taipan17 on Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:07 pm

The team played battles last Monday and Friday Nights.

I wasn't present for Monday Battles but the team had a Loss followed by a Win

Friday's games were great fun. We fielded a full or nearly full team for the six games. The team ever momentarily stepped up a League.

The team stats are:

49 Battles Played for 17 wins. 34.7% win rate.
Ranked 575 out of ? teams.
Team Rating: 3547



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Team Battles upto 13MAR16 Empty Re: Team Battles upto 13MAR16

Post by Danaussie on Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:37 am

I enjoy reading the Team Battles threads Taipan, even though unfortunately Team Battles are hosted well past my bed time. That is the ONLY reason I don't attend them, like so many other things in WoWs its probably something they need to work on, a "whenever you want" server would obviously be better to cater to all patrons. Im sure these things will be worked on in the years to come, but in the meantime 11pm is a marriage breaker for some of us if you get my meaning.

With family and business commitments I am online only as much as I am able (nowhere near as often as I would like), but that's life I guess. TF44 members that know me best know that I am sometimes away for 4 days or sometimes a week, not for not wanting to be here just a question of not being able to be here. On busy days I may only have time to hover over the forum for 10 minutes to check for new members or answer any questions, then get called away.

Other days you may find me online at around 10am when nobody else is, just happens to be the best time for me, after 3pm is probably when I am the most scarce and then less and less as the night goes on. May pop in and out after that.

Point is that we all have the times and days that are most convenient for us and unfortunately because of that any kind of set dates and times is always going to be difficult to get the numbers that we would ultimately like.

Never say never though mate, as membership grows so too will involvement and the more likely will we be able to rely on a group of guys that will be able to play Team Battles regularly at this late hour.

But I think its great that you are hosting this and keeping track of it Taipan.


Team Battles upto 13MAR16 St_louis
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