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Team Battles Sunday 06MAR16

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Team Battles Sunday 06MAR16 Empty Team Battles Sunday 06MAR16

Post by Taipan17 on Mon Mar 07, 2016 2:18 pm

The team played 5 team battles last night. 4 losses with a win in the last.

We fielded between 4 and 5 players with mercenaries filling in the blanks. Mercenaries were not anywhere near as good as having one of our players from TF44. If you are available, please join and give a team battle a go.

Future team battle reports will be weekly. I will keep a record of the stats and post on Sundays.

The team stats are:

41 Battles Played for 14 wins. 34% win rate.
Ranked 575 out of 601 teams.
Team Rating: 3583



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