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Post by Danaussie on Sat Mar 05, 2016 3:53 pm

Hi guys,

We are a new club, and as such it is very hard for us to get any kind of cohesion going for such things as regular Team Meetings to take place.

I will keep re-iterating till the cows come home how important it is that we all start to utilize Taskforce44 HQ, that we grow past just meeting at the Taskforce44 Chat Channel which is restrictive in its means of any kind of extensive discussion in relation to anything. Not everyone wants to use TeamSpeak'esque communications, forums are a way to get "Everybody" together.

We cannot get a regular Meeting organized from our Chat Channel because not everybody is online at the same time, however, your message stays up here permanently for each member to read when they log onto the HQ, so it is possible to arrange a suitable time and generate interest IF we can members to start to use the HQ more frequently.

We can start to hash out a suitable Teams Meeting time, that would be the first step.

We can start to hash out some Teams that would be the second step.

I love the idea of larger 5 man Teams, there is no end of possible challenges, championships and other group activities we may consider using this form of the game....but this will never happen if we cant get some cohesion going.

Div games are great guys...but we are capable of a lot more than that. Its your club too.


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