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Taskforce44 Dream Boat File #0001 - HMNZS Leander

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Taskforce44 Dream Boat File #0001 - HMNZS Leander Empty Taskforce44 Dream Boat File #0001 - HMNZS Leander

Post by Danaussie on Wed Sep 30, 2015 8:33 am

Taskforce44 Dream Boat File #0001 - HMNZS Leander HMNZS_Leander
TF44 Dream Boat File: #0001 - HMNZS Leander - Commissioned (RNZN) Sept 1941

Displacement - 9,740 tons
Propulsion - Four Parsons geared steam turbines, 6 boilers, x 4 shafts
Speed - 32.5 knots
Crew - 570

Armament -
8 x Bl 6 inch Mk XXIII Naval Guns
4 x 4 inch Guns
12 x 0.5 inch Machine Guns
8 x 21 inch Torpedo Tubes
Aircraft - Supermarine Walrus

HMNZS Leander would make an excellent choice for a World of Warships Tier VI Light Cruiser, she certainly had a proud history serving with both the Royal Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy, she saw action in almost every theatre of the war and sank the Italian Merchantman Ramb I near the Maldives, she also captured the Vichy French Merchant Charles LD near Madagascar. It was during her service with Taskforce 36 serving alongside the USN that she would see her last action of the war, when she was struck by torpedoes from IJN Jintsu, crippled but not sunk she showed the courage and fortitude of New Zealanders as she limped back to port, HMNZS Leander would take no further part in the war.

- Dan

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