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Disruption to emoticons

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Disruption to emoticons Empty Disruption to emoticons

Post by Danaussie on Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:24 pm

Hi guys,

Just to inform members and guests that you will experience a disruption to the use of smileys and emoticons over the next few days. We are currently trying to get a good modern set of both basic and animated emoticons for our members to utilize on the boards, but it is taking some time to sort out, so please just give us your patience and it will be all sorted within the next few days.

We use a black background which means we need to source transparent emoticons primarily, and ones that contrast against this background, so therein lies our biggest hurdle, we promise to have a great new set of emoticons and smileys available to you for use on our particular type of forum very shortly.

Cheers guys Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


Disruption to emoticons St_louis
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