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Post by Danaussie on Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:25 pm

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Hi guys,

The above is a preliminary list of the medals that may be awarded according to your profile information. A player profile will be created in our "Hall of Fame" for each of our members. A screen-shot of your in-game profile should supply the information needed to receive your medal set. As each of your achievements is reported to HQ your medals will be added to your Taskforce44 Profile in the "Hall of Fame".

Also it would be useful for you to provide the rank of your highest commander in-game so that this can be used in your profile.

A bust will be provided in the "Hall of Fame" with your medals pinned to it for everyone to see.


For the purposes of this thread if anyone has ideas for how we could better name these awards please let me know in a post below, or if anyone has any ideas for further awards or medals that may be awarded for player achievements please let me know and I can amend the Medals list with no trouble at all.

Cheers guys....just for fun like. Very Happy Very Happy Cool Very Happy Very Happy


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