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Post by Danaussie on Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:22 pm

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all members of Taskforce44 Gaming Group to our HQ Command Centre, here you can talk with other Taskforce44 members about your gaming experiences or just meet and greet other members from within the group.

This forum has been initiated as a separate entity to the Official World of Warships Forums and members are urged to continue to use the official forum for all other purposes except for Taskforce44 Club business. Currently the official WoWs Asia forums do not have a place set up for individual gaming groups or clubs/clans, although this may change at sometime in the future. It has been difficult to communicate with members on all the points of interest in relation to Taskforce44 on a single floating thread, and for this reason and this reason alone I have initiated a simple forum for Taskforce44 club members of WoWs.

I have been in communication with various members of Taskforce44 about launching a Facebook Page for the club, this is so that members that do not utilise or do not have the equipment to use TeamSpeak could still be included in club chat, activities and gain information about club matters. However this also seemed to not be a viable option since some members do not use Facebook or did not want to use Facebook, a simple website or forum then became the only viable option for us.

Taskforce44 members should feel free to discuss game topics in our Game Chat sub-forum, however, and we urge our members to continue to utilise the Official WoWs Asia Forums for any information that you may require about issues related to game-play, player aids, tutorials and other such topics.

Make sure you make yourself known to all the members of Taskforce44, while we can provide contact information and ways to link up with other players, it is still up to you to make that contact, so please introduce yourself either here or online so that we can get to know you. The best way is to log into our in-game chat messenger you can search for any player by name using this facility, or if you search for Taskforce44(Danaussie) you can find our group channel.

We promote an open discussion community, a collective of open ideas and opinion amongst our members, we only ask that you speak to others with the same respect and dignity that you would ask for yourself. 

Welcome to Taskforce44...and remember to have fun!!!

- Danaussie (Taskforce44 Founder)

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